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13.Someone Tellin’ Lies
Ronnie Bowman, Dan Tyminski, and Time Massey
Copyright Happy Valley Music and Bmg Bumblebee Obo William Franklin Publishing

Lead Vocals – Robert Russel
Tenor Harmony Vocal – Toby Hammond
Baritone Harmony Vocal – Zach Alvis
Lead Guitar – Mitch Meadors
Lead Mandolin – Harry Clark
Fiddle – Stephen Burwell
Dobro – Gaven Largent
Bass – Jeff Partin
Rhythm Guitar – Josh Hicks
Rhythm Mandolin – Jay Shuler
Banjo – Gregg Welty


There’s not a single day goes by
that I’m not wondering who
broke your heart when they told you all those lies
Now you won’t even talk to me
‘cause your thinking that its true
and that brings is teardrops to your eyes

Well how can I explain to you
That the stories are untrue
If you won’t even look me in the eyes
The time has come to tell me now
If you’re staying or we’re through
Don’t listen to that someone tellin’ lies

So listen to your heart
But don’t tear mine apart
Just because there’s someone telling lies
There’s someone else to blame
But you won’t speak their name
And that brings is teardrops to your eyes