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11.The Man I Saw Today
Hershel Blevins, BMI

Lead Vocals – Hershel Blevins
Tenor Harmony Vocal – David Mayfield
Baritone Harmony Vocal – Daniel Wright
Lead Guitar - Tony Wray
Fiddle – Stephen Burwell
Dobro – Gaven Largent
Bass – Jeff Partin
Rhythm Guitar – Josh Hicks
Mandolin – Jay Shuler
Banjo – Gregg Welty


My daddy is a good man, he works hard all day long
Lately I’ve been seeing something, something has gone wrong
Mom wrote out the bills today and I tried not to pry
But I’m standing in the doorway watching my momma cry

The good old days are gone, my son. This paycheck it won’t last
Good folks ran the company, but now those days are past
I held my momma in my arms, she said it would be fine
The executives took bonuses and they closed down the mine

Mom and dad don’t worry; I know just what to do
I’m gonna get a job today so I can help out too
All I ask of both of you is just show me the way
Not to become a man like the men I saw today

White shirts laughed at me that day, it must’ve been a sight
A 7-year old and his dog just looking for a fight
They told me with their toothy grin it was just a matter of time
Go home and tell your mom and dad to get in the welfare line