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Stonewalls of Heartbreak
Aaron Richards, BMI;

Lead Vocals – Eli Johnston (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
Tenor Harmony Vocal – Jacob Greer (Claybank)
Baritone Harmony Vocal – Zack Arnold (Claybank)
Fiddle – Stephen Burwell (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
Dobro – Gaven Largent (Dailey & Vincent)
Bass – Jeff Partin (Mountain Heart)
Guitar – Josh Hicks
Mandolin – Jay Shuler
Banjo – Gregg Welty


I ‘aint robbed nobody with a gun in my hand
And I ‘aint in this prison for killing no man
Yea, the only conviction that I am guilty of
Is loving one woman just a little too much

These stonewalls of heartbreak that I’m locked inside
Serving my time, now I’m doin’ life
I ‘aint done nothing wrong, and I can’t understand
These stonewalls of heartbreak are killing this man
These stonewalls of heartbreak are killing this man

No, I ‘aint seen no warden and I ‘aint made no bail
So why am I living in this lonely dark cell?
Yeah, the only drugs that sentenced, you see,
Was a cold-hearted woman who stopped loving me