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14.I’ve Endured
David Reed and Ola Reed
Copyright Midstream Music Publishers

Lead Vocals – Shawn Lane (Blue Highway)
Tenor Harmony Vocal – Jesse Smathers (Lonesome River Band)
Fiddle – Stephen Burwell (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
Dobro – Gaven Largent (Dailey & Vincent)
Bass – Jeff Partin (Mountain Heart)
Guitar – Josh Hicks
Mandolin – Jay Shuler
Banjo – Gregg Welty


Born in the mountains, many years ago
Climbed these hills and valleys through the rain and snow
I've seen the lightning flashin', heard the thunder roll

Barefoot in the summer, on into the fall
Too many mouths to feed, they couldn't clothe us all
Sent to church on Sunday to learn the golden rule

I've worked for the rich, I've lived with the poor
I've seen many heartaches and I'll see many more
I've lived loved and sorrowed, been through success's door

I've endured, I've endured,
how long must one endure